Kamak Maki receives people who wish to volunteer with our project. In the past, we have received many volunteer groups to help us with a variety of projects (such as the second floor of the museum for accommodation, the dining area and kitchen, and the bus stop at the road). In addition, we have received volunteers who come alone or with their family for 1-3 week projects (painting the museum, planning and gardening, and taking care of the animals). We greatly appreciate the work of volunteers and those who want to share their interests, experiences and knowledge with us and the project.

Therefore, volunteers are welcome at Kamak Maki! One can work with us for the time you would like and in the area that you would like or have knowledge in. Also, we would like to receive groups of volunteers to help us with bigger projects in construction or maintenance of the site. Please contact Kamak Maki if you are interested in volunteering for the current options.

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