2-4 day tours

There are many great and exciting activities very close to the community of Chichicorumi. Our affordable tours from 2-4 days include accommodation, food, transportation and a local guide. You can choose from the various activities below to arrange your own adventure packet in the Amazon!

  • Tour of Kamak Maki: ethnocultural museum, medicinal plants and animals in their habitat
  • Cultural Activities: this includes panning for gold in the river, demonstration and tasting of the typical local chicha drink, a hands-on class in local crafts, a class in traditional fishing, a dance in traditional dress, and local games
  • Waterfall and natural toboggans: this hike takes about 1 hour each way, with a guide that explains about the trees, plants and insects on the path until you arrive at a beautiful waterfall where you can swim
  • Tubing in the Napo River: with tubes and life jackets, this activity lets you enjoy the beautiful landscape of the jungle and the river, and relax with your friends on a hotday
  • Night Hike: with a native guide, the night hike is done after dinner. Although the hike isn’t far in distance, with a headlamp or flashlights you can see many nocturnal animals, insects and plants in the dark
  • Hiking in the jungle: to get to know more about the jungle, this hike is with a guide to the primary forest. The guide explains plants, animals, and insects along the way
  • Visit to Misahualli: in a canoe you arrive in the port town of Misahualli where two large rivers meet and you can play with monkeys in the plaza! You can rest and enjoy the beautiful beach of Misahualli and swim on a hot day. 
  • Visit to AmaZOOnico Rescue Center: about one hour downriver from Chichicorumi you arrive at Amazoonico, an animal rescue center for wounded or endangered animals with a goal to take care of them and eventually let them back out into the wild. The tour of the center lasts one hour and you can see many different animals brought here from around the country
  • Rafting or kayaking: arriving into Tena, one can do a half day or full day tour of kayaking or rafting. This includes all equipment and a professional guide for your safety, and you can enjoy a great adventure on the river

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